20.09.2023 /

Gubrist Tunnel - Project Update

Yesterday, the Gubrist Tunnel project received a visit from KERN's Engineering team to conduct the final survey on the assembled Logistic Bridge, which is now ready to be moved into the tunnel to commence work.

This visit certifies the achievement of a significant milestone for the KERN group, which fully developed this special machine for the project. This development includes engineering, manufacturing, pre-assembly at KTS KERN, and final installation by our Power team.

The bridge has been custom-designed to allow various tasks to be performed simultaneously and in excellent safety conditions. It consists of a 30-meter-long access ramp, a section for in-situ invert casting, a control unit and operations area, as well as a section with a portal crane for handling the "welk" segments. Access platforms have been strategically installed in critical areas to ensure safe working conditions.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the teams involved in this remarkable achievement.

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