28.05.2024 / News

Gubrist Tunnel - Welk Precast Completion

The successful completion of pouring the last pre-cast culvert element for the first Gubrist Tunnel was achieved, more

11.03.2024 / News

Special Service Dismantling Gantry - FAT

Successful completion of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the HS2 Service Dismantling Gantry at our KTS more

19.02.2024 / News

HS2 - West Ruislip Crosspassage Lining

A significat milestone has been achieved by our client SCS in the HS2 project. The first crosspassage secondary more

29.12.2023 / News

2023 Highlights

As we approach the end of 2023, let's take a moment to highlight the remarkable projects and advancements that have more

21.12.2023 / News

Gubrist Tunnel - Installation completed

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in the Gubrist Tunnel project as we proudly complete the installation and more

11.12.2023 / News

HRBT Egress Formworks - First FAT

Last week we successfully completed at KTS KERN the factory acceptance test of the first Egress Tunnel Formwork more

27.10.2023 / News

Introducing the MSG - Multi Service Gantry

We are thrilled to unveil our latest product! Designed to meet the demanding requirements of complex more

24.10.2023 / News

Brail Tunnel - Special Material

Today from KTS KERN we are sending a special transport for special material designed and produced for the Brail more

11.10.2023 / News

STUVA-Expo 2023

We are glad to announce that we will participate at the STUVA Expo 2023 on November 8th and 9th at Munich Trade Fair more

09.10.2023 / News

London Super Sewer Project - Secondary Lining Completion

The Abbey Mills Pumping Station site marks the start and the arrival of a long journey for Kern Tunneltechnik and the more

20.09.2023 / News

Gubrist Tunnel - Project Update

Yesterday, the Gubrist Tunnel project received a visit from KERN's Engineering team to conduct the final more

13.09.2023 / News

HS2 - West Ruislip - Crosspassage Formwork FAT

Last week marked a significant milestone for the HS2 - West Ruislip project as the Factory Acceptance more

17.08.2023 / News

Gubrist Tunnel Logistic Bridge - Start of the Assembly

The on-site erection of KERN's brand-new Tunnel Logistic Bridge supplied for ARGE Gubri in Switzerland has started more

07.07.2023 / News

Rail Bogie - First system eBoost powered

Introducing the eBOOST Rail Bogie: we are thrilled to unveil our latest development, representing a remarkable more

26.05.2023 / News

Hinkley Point C - Last Pour

A great journey comes to an end! We are delighted to announce that the final pour for the Hinkley Point C more

22.05.2023 / News

RETC 2023 - Boston - Visit us Booth 800

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated RETC 2023 (Rapid Excavation and Tunneling more

04.04.2023 / News

Tunnel Pekel - Last block completed

On the 30th of March 2023, the last casting of Tunnel Pekel in Slovenia has been completed. The formwork more

02.04.2023 / News

Engelberg - Parament Formwork 2nd Stage begins

The second stage of the Bauphase in Engelberg started. more

31.03.2023 / News

Discover the New Turntable Bogie

The brand new Turntable Bogie developed by KERN offers great flexibility of use in different applications and more

03.03.2023 / News

Hinkley Point C - Intake 2 Tunnel Shutter being launched

This week another great milestone has been achieved at Hinley Point C. The crown formwork, has been lowered into more

03.02.2023 / News

Gubrist Tunnel - Welk Factory

The precast factory designed and produced for Gubrist Tunnel Werkanal segments, has been successefully installed and more

02.02.2023 / News

Bern RBS LOS 2.4 - Project Update

As part of the major extension and development of the Bern main railway station, we delivered for a client a crown and more

10.01.2023 / News

2022 Highlights

2022 is almost over! Let's have a look back at the highlights of outstanding projects and developments. A big more

30.11.2022 / News

Tideway West - Secondary Lining Completion

A great milestone was achieved last week. The Secondary Lining team working on the 7km west section of the more

18.11.2022 / News

Tunnel Alberberg - Project Update

We would like to share an update from our project Tunnel Alberberg in Germany. KERN has supplied the complete set more

07.11.2022 / News

Temporary Factories for the Infrastructure Industry

We are proud to announce that KERN Tunneltechnik is able to suppy Temporary Factories for the Construction & more

30.10.2022 / News

Kappeschalung - Last Block

We are glad to announce that in October 2022 the casting of the largest block in the enlargement section of the more

28.10.2022 / News

Tideway: Greenwich Connection Tunnel - Secondary Lining

The 4.5km long Greenwich Connection section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel from Greenwich Pumping Station towards more

23.08.2022 / News

World Tunnel Congress 2022 - Visit Us - Booth A-82

Visit us at the World Tunnel Congress held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2 - 8 September 2022. We will share our latest more

19.08.2022 / News

KERN & VMT Partnership Announcement

KERN & VMT Partnership Announcement Secondary Lining Positioning & Setting System more

11.06.2022 / News

Thames Tideway East - GRECT Shutter System Final FAT

This week we have successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test for the 6 Fullround Formwork Tunnel Shutters more

30.05.2022 / News

Hinkley Point C - Adit Invert Formwork

The launch adit Invert Formwork has been successfully assembled and launched. The system has been more

14.04.2022 / News

Machinery Pre-Assembly in the UK

KERN Tunneltechnik started with the first pre-assembly in the UK. A complete temporary facility has been more

22.03.2022 / News

Visp - Crown - First Block completed

KERN Tunneltechnik SA is happy to announce that on the 17th of March the 1st block of the tunnel crown was succesfully more

16.03.2022 / News

Kramertunnel - Kappenschalung - First Block completed

The first block of the Kappenschalung in Kramertunnel has been succesfully compelted. more

11.03.2022 / News

Engelberg - Parament Formwork 1st Stage completed

It has been completed the first part of the works of the Parament Formwork designed and manufactured for the Engelberg more

04.03.2022 / News

Thames Tideway East - GRECT Factory Inspection

This week we had the first factory inspecion at KTS KERN by the Thames Tideway more

23.02.2022 / News

Hinkley Point C - Installation of the 2m Crown Formwork

Last week the Hinkley Point Site Team successfully completed the installation of the 2m Crown Formwork designed and more

03.12.2021 / News

NCE Tunnelling Festival 2021

KERN Tunneltechnik is looking forward to seeing see you at the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival on Wednesday 8th more

01.12.2021 / News

Engelberg - Progress update

We are happy to announce that on the 1st December 2021 the casting of first block in the renovated section of the more

22.11.2021 / News


KERN Tunneltechnik will exhibit at the STUVA EXPO 2021 on the 24th / 25th of more

29.10.2021 / News

Main Tunnel B Shutter System - Launch & First Block Completed

Thames Tideway Tunnel Main Tunnel B Shutter System - Launch & First Block Completed The first more

02.09.2021 / News

Kramertunnel - Jobsite Installation

At Kramertunnel is going on a full jobsite installation process. KERN Tunneltechnik is supplying several tunnel more

30.08.2021 / News

Hinkley Point C - Crown Formwork shaft installation

The Crown Formwork, designed and manufactured for the Hinkley Point C project, has been installed in the OG1 tunnel more

28.07.2021 / News

Hinkley Point C - Launch of the Invert Formwork

It has been completed the launch of the first machine for the Hinkley Point C project. The project more

26.07.2021 / News

Tunnel des Evouettes - Factory Acceptance Test

The Formwork, designed and manufactured for the Tunnel des Evouettes, has been pre-assembled and inspected by the more

22.06.2021 / News

Engelberg Project - First steel beams assembled

KERN is glad to announce that our Automated Manipulator, successfully performed the complex assembly, with a millimetre more

18.06.2021 / News

Frogmore Connection Tunnel - Works completion

The Secondary Lining of the Frogmore Connection Tunnel has been successfully completed on the Thames Tideway Tunnel by more

13.06.2021 / News

KTS KERN - New Website

KTS KERN's new website is online. Get in touch with our specialized more

08.06.2021 / News

BV Brandberg - First tunnel completed

The small formwork designed and manufactured for BV Brandberg completed the lining for the first rescue tunnel. more

31.05.2021 / News

Engelberg Tunnel - Launch of the Automated Manipulator

The Automated Manipulator specifically designed for the Engelberg project was transported and launched in the more

20.04.2021 / News

First block of Brandberg rescue tunnel

On the 14th of April first block of Brandberg rescue tunnel was successfully casted. The design, engineering and more

31.03.2021 / News

Thames Tideway Tunnel West - The secondary lining works have started!

The 7km long west section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel from Acton Storm Tanks site in West London towards Carnwath Road more

20.03.2021 / News

K-ONE - Automated Casting System

K-ONE is the brand new and innovative automated concrete casting device. Designed to be more

09.03.2021 / News

Hydropower Tunnel Tumpen - Launch of the Tunnel Formwork

The fullround tunnel formwork designed for the Hydropower Tumpen project has been successully launched. The scope more

22.02.2021 / News

Kuckuckslay - Halfway to completion

An important milestone has been achieved last week. Half of the Kuckuckslay tunnel has been successfully more

12.02.2021 / News

Tunnelling Backup Machines - The brand new KERN's system

The brand new KERN's system is ready. We develops Backup Tunnellin Machines able to meet the more

23.12.2020 / News

MNTLA Systems - Pre-assembly completed and start of the deliveries

The MTNLA Secondary Lining System, which includes 6 tunnel formworks and the logistic crossing, has been completely more

21.12.2020 / News

Kuckuckslay Tunnel - First Block

With a concrete volume of 163 m/3, the first block at the ARGE Tunnel Kuckuslay has been successfully completed on more

14.12.2020 / News

Barn Elms - Tunnel Formwork Commissioning

The fullround tunnel formwork, designed and manufactured by KERN Tunneltechnik for Barhale and the BAM Nuttall, Morgan more

10.12.2020 / News

Kuckuckslay Tunnel - Installation completed

The Kuckuckslay secondary lining system has been completely installed. A complex work method statement as well as more

07.11.2020 / News

Cannstatt Project - Work in Progress

After the successfull start-up of the works at tunnel Cannstatt in 2019, the lining constructioin is progressing in more

12.10.2020 / News

KERN Tunneltechnik shortlisted at the NCE Tunnelling Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce that KERN Tunneltechnik has been shortlisted for two awards at the NCE more

21.09.2020 / News

KERN Process Simulation Overview 2019-2020

The overall Process Simulation overview for 2019-2020 is now online. more

02.08.2020 / News

KERN Metaltechnic

KERN Metaltechnic - Steelworks and Design A more

28.07.2020 / News

Reicholzheim - Transport Carrier

The Reicholzheim transport carrier has been assembled in jobsite together with the provision for the more

30.04.2020 / News

Albvorlandtunnel - Final Crown Casting

Last week we had an outstanding achievement. The final block of the crown section in the Albvorlandtunnel has more

10.04.2020 / News

KERN LAB - Digitalization and Process Simulation

The construction industry is constantly evolving and demanding to comply with all the latest technology and innovations more

08.04.2020 / News

KERN Tunneltechnik Performance

Despite the current worldwide difficult situation, KERN Tunneltechnik with its departments is keeping the production more

27.02.2020 / News

Start-up of the Frogmore Secondary Lining System

After several months of planning and preparation, the Shutter Secondary Lining system designed for the Frogmore more

30.01.2020 / News

Albvorlandtunnel Kaverne

First secondary lining blocks for the Albvorlandtunnel Kaverne. The formwork is a bespoke transformable system more

16.12.2019 / News

Main Drive Fullround Formwork - Factory Acceptance Test

After nearly 12 months of design, engineering and manufacturing the first of the 6 main tunnel secondary lining more

06.12.2019 / News

NCE Tunnelling Festival Winner

Great night yesterday at the NCE Tunnelling Festival! KERN Tunneltechnik has been awarded in the more

21.11.2019 / News

Barn Elms Fullround Shutter

The Fullround Formwork for the Barn Elms connection tunnel has been successfully pre-assembled and delivered to more

23.10.2019 / News

STUVA EXPO 2019: KERN LAB Presentation 2020

KERN Tunneltechnik will exhibit at the STUVA EXPO 2019 on more

22.10.2019 / News

Platform Tunnel Shutter Installation

The Platform Tunnel Shutter has been installed at Bank Station CU site. more

21.10.2019 / News

Tunnel rehabilitation in Switzerland

Kern Tunneltechnik SA is providing service for Tunnel rehabilitation and repair in Switzerland. more

25.09.2019 / News

NCE Tunnelling Awards 2019 - Finalist

Kern Tunneltechnik has been shortlisted for the NCE Tunnelling more

20.09.2019 / News

Completion of the works at the Hammersmith Connection Tunnel

The Fullround Shutter completed its work at the Hammersmith Connection Tunnel. more

13.09.2019 / News

Albvorlandtunnel Reinforcement Gantry Commissioning

The Ablvorlandtunnel Reinforcement Gantry has been assembled and it's ready to work. The gantry is provided more

05.09.2019 / News

Frogmore Fullround System - Factory Acceptance and Test

The Frogmore Fullround System successfully passed the tests on the 3rd September. Frogmore Connection tunnel is more

11.06.2019 / News

Kern Tunneltechnik at the RETC 2019 in Chicago

Kern Tunneltechnik SA  will exhibit at the RETC 2019 Tunnelling Conference in Chicago from 16th to 19th of more

29.05.2019 / News

Works commencing at Taubenloch

On the 29th of May the 12.5m long Shutter at Taubenloch started with the secondary lining works. The shutter more

30.04.2019 / News

Successful start at Tunnel Cannstatt

On the 30th of April it was successfully performerd the first block at Tunnel Cannstatt. A concrete volume more

08.04.2019 / News

Bauma 2019 - The Automated Formwork Filling System

Developed through the partnership between Kern more

09.03.2019 / News

Installation of the Hammersmith Fullround Shutter

On the 9th of March the Hydrostatic Fullround Shutter - designed and manufactured by Kern Tunneltechnik - has been more

26.02.2019 / News

Albvorlandtunnel Formwork ready to start

The NBS Albvorlandtunnel formwork has been assembled on site and it's ready to start with the secondary lining more

21.02.2019 / News

Factory Acceptance Test of the Bank Station RT Shutter

On the 21st of February we had the successfull Factory Acceptance Test of the Running Tunnel Shutter designed and more

28.01.2019 / News

Bank Station Moving Walway Works

After the successfull completion of the enlargment blocks TSS and TSN, the MW Shutter has been transformed to perform more

09.11.2018 / News

Bank Station MW Shutter Factory Acceptance Test

This week it was carried out the Factory Acceptance Test of the first Tunnel Formwork for the Bank Station Capacity more

21.09.2018 / News

KERN Tunneltechnik Ltd at the BTS Conference 2018

Kern Tunneltechnik Ltd will exhibit at the BTS more

20.09.2018 / News

Bözbergtunnel Hydrostatic Formwork ready to start

The Hydrostatic Formwork manufactured for more

30.08.2018 / News

Oberau Tunnel Enlargement Formwork

The Oberau Tunnel Enlargement Formwork has been installed and staterd with the Secondary Lining Works. more

16.07.2018 / News

New high-tech painting and sandblasting facility

In July 2018 the new painting facility was inaugurated, going to integrate the KTS production workshop based in more

04.07.2018 / News

Verzweigungskaverne Visp Completion

Beginning of July 2018 was completed the Verzweigungskaverne section at the Visp project. The more

11.06.2018 / News

Kern Tunneltechnik at the NAT Conference 2018 in Washington DC

Kern Tunneltechnik SA  will exhibit at the North American more

25.04.2018 / News

Secondary Lining Start at Tunnel Bözberg

On the 24th of May 2018 it has been performed the first secondary lining block at tunnel Bözberg with the more

15.03.2018 / News

Work in progress in Oberau Tunnel

Construction works for Oberau Tunnel are progressing. A complete Secondary Lining train is installed and more

09.02.2018 / News

Commencing of the works in Herrschaftbucktunnel

Mid of February 2018 the works in Herrschaftbucktunnel started with the casting of the tunnel inlet. To more

19.01.2018 / News

Kern Annual Report 2017

Kern Annual Report 2017 available for download. more

05.12.2017 / News

Stuva Expo 2017

Kern Tunneltechnik SA in partnership with more

08.11.2017 / News

Kern Tunneltechnik at the AFTES Congress in Paris

Kern Tunneltechnik SA in partnership with more

16.09.2017 / News

Geomechanics Colloquium Salzburg 2017

Kern Tunneltechnik SA in partnership with more

10.08.2017 / News

Work in progress Arge Tunnel Visp

The construction works in Visp are proceeding in line with the program. Before the more

07.08.2017 / News

ES3 Secondary Lining works completion

Beginning of August 2017 it has been successfully completed the Secondary lining in the escalator tunnel more

28.07.2017 / News

Start-up of the Karlsruhe project

Today Kern Tunneltechnik completed the assembly and the customer commissioning of the trumpet formwork for the more

18.07.2017 / News

The crucial role played by the concrete in the formwork design

The concrete type represents one of the principal factors to take into account for a formwork design. The mix design more

06.06.2017 / News

Liverpool Street Station Escalator


06.06.2017 / News


Between May 22 and 24, three competence days took place in our facilities at KTS in Slovenia. The occasion was the more

06.06.2017 / News


KERN Tunneltechnik at the WTC 2017 This year’s ITA-AITES more

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