17.08.2023 /

Gubrist Tunnel Logistic Bridge - Start of the Assembly

The on-site erection of KERN's brand-new Tunnel Logistic Bridge supplied for ARGE Gubri in Switzerland has started and is progressing according to schedule. After months of extensive design development and manufacturing activities, we are entering in the final launching phase.

As part of the Gubrist Project, two motorway tunnels around northwest corner of Zurich will be renovated and equipped with a new setup. The works started this summer and will last until 2027.

The Logistic Tunnel Bridge forms a central point for all renovation works in the tunnel invert.
In addition, KERN Tunneltechnik is suppling for this challenging project Turntable Bogies, Multi-Service Gantries as well as Deck Formworks for the rehabilitation activities. 

Hats off to our teams in Engineering, Production, and Assembly for their remarkable contribution. 

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